NANI v.1.1.0



Hey folks, back again with a new patch. This patch is mostly a content patch! We haven't added in new skins just yet, but while we're getting that ready, this patch should hold everyone over. 



  • Added a new settings menu, and moved the react button to the settings menu.

    • Instead of adding more undescriptive buttons, we moved the different animation modes to a settings menu, which will also better detail what each mode does.

  • Added a new BPM based jiggle mode

    • The bpm mode will activate when your DAW is playing, otherwise, the plugin will temporarily switch to the default mode.

  • Added an information mode.

    • One of the NANI's short comings was not being able to see parameter information. Now with the information
      mode turned on, when you adjust a knob, a parameter value will display above the knob.


  • The tentacles now changer color with the colour knob! This required a large redesign but should now make the tentacles stand out less when switching colors. ​

  • Slightly redesigned the trial menu, and added a purchase button to bring the user straight to the site.

  • Embedded the proper fonts for the trial menu. This will fix any issue of text not loading due to the user not having
    NANI's default text installed.

  • Fixed the automation parameter names from "High Pass" and "Low Pass" to "Low Cut and "High cut" to better fit the slider labels. 




  • We've received many requests to add a VST2 a.k.a. .dll file format as several DAWs like Maschine, Reason, and MPC still do not support VST3. We even promised many people a .dll version was coming, but we made a large oversight. 
    Steinberg, the company that manages the VST file format, no longer distributes VST2 licenses /SDKs. This means that it's not even possible for us to build a VST2 version, and even if we did manage to build one, it would technically be illegal for us to distribute a VST2 file (because Steinberg has ended VST2 licenses). 

    As we are relatively new to the plugin development scene, we we're not aware when we told users a .dll version would come that it would actually be impossible. If this situation pertains to you, feel free to contact us so we can help you out. 

    And to tack on to all that, for the meantime an AAX most likely won't be coming as the developer process with AVID seems a bit tedious and costly.


  • Several users have reported FL gives an error along the lines of “Could not load, Please make sure the plugin was installed properly”. This one is hard to diagnose as none of our testing platforms and most people don’t have this issue. Most likely this is an issue based around trying to run the plugin in a 32 bit DAW, trying to install the mac version on windows, or the user does not have permissions to write to NANI’s settings file.


  • Presets - A bit crunched on time, we did not get to implement presets. Due to the simple nature of NANI, we didn't feel presets were that pressing of an issue, but would still like to get them implemented in a near patch. 

  • New Skins

  • Adding a lower CPU mode.

  • Optimizing certain distortion algorithms

  • If you have any suggestions as well, feel free to CONTACT US with your ideas!