NANI v.1.2.0



Finally the new skins are here! First, we added Mr. Banana Man, a safe for work explosive banana. Mr. Banana man will provide an option for when you're in spaces where you can't have hentai on the screen.  And for those that embrace the hentai, we've also added a brand new NSFW e-girl waifu, Naomi. 


We're happy to roll out more free characters for the betterment of NANI. With that said, we're still a small company and it takes a lot of time and money to make new skins. If you'd like to support WXAudio in all of our future endeavors, we definitely won't say no to donations (wink wink).


Anyway, here's the patch notes:





  • Mr. Banana Man

    • One day an intern at WXAudio accidently put a banana in the microwave, and Mr. Banana Man was born. Over-whelmed with the responsibilities of being an banana humanoid, Mr. Banana Man developed a severe gambling addiction. Eventually, Mr. Banana Man borrowed too much money from loan sharksthat he couldn't pay back. WXaudio bought off his debt, but in return he now suffers for the enjoyment of others. 

  • Naomi:

    • Hot tub streaming is all the rage these days, but only puts so much bread on the table. Naomi, a top tier streamer and entrepreneur, was in negotiations with Onlyfans for a 7 million dollar exclusive contract until WXAudio counter offered with 10 million and a twitch prime sub. All of our financial advisors have since quit in protest. 



  • Added an option to upscale the animation framerate to 24 fps (currently 12fps)

    • We used AI to upscale our animation frames which was pretty cool. This option will add a lot of fluidity to the characters. Increases the CPU minimally

    • Currently the BPM mode does not support the 24fps, but this will get fixed in the future.

  •  Added an option to scale the plugin for higher resolution displays

    • Currently there's only three options, but if people need bigger or smaller sizes, we could add more.

    • At higher scales the CPU processing can increase slightly.


  •   Added the option to hide NSFW characters.

  •   Added the option to set a default character on launch.


  • Hopefully fixed a bug where some DAW's were making NANI resizable resulting in the GUI getting messed up.

  • There's a chance with some of the changes to the way the new skins are loaded, there could be display problems on older versions of operating systems. If you do have any problems with this definitely let us know!​​



  • Presets - Just haven't gotten around to it, but soon enough!

  • More new skins

  • Adding a lower CPU mode.

  • Optimizing certain distortion algorithms

  • If you have any suggestions as well, feel free to CONTACT US with your ideas!